The complete collection of tales from the Tudor court, written by the Sunday Times bestselling author, Alison Weir. Brought together for the first time in paperback, this dazzling collection shares stories from the Tudor court, told by those at the very heart of it.

Over the years of his reign, six different women took their place beside Henry VIII. This collection of tales from the Tudor court shows us the other side of the story.


The idea of writing a series of six novels about the wives of Henry VIII came suddenly to me in 2014 as I was discussing another book proposal with my agent, and I was delighted when Headline commissioned the series. I was eager to revisit the stories of these long-dead queens and excited to have the freedom to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings through fiction. The project became even more exciting when the extensive new research I undertook afforded new insights into their lives.

The e-shorts that accompanied the six novels, now reproduced here as short stories, were written to offer different windows on to the lives of the six queens and life at the Tudor court. I was given carte blanche to choose the subjects. It was sometimes a hard choice, because there was such a rich supporting cast of characters. Above all, being able to tell a story through another’s perspective helps to bring the characters of the queens to life. Writing each novel solely from the perspective of each Queen has afforded new insights, but writing these e-shorts has brought even more depth and nuance to their stories.

These related stories tell the tales of an unwilling, but dutiful prince made to marry before he is ready; a murder and a love affair that could have taken place; an eerie experience at the Towet of London; an old lady swept up in the tragedy of Anne Boleyn's fall; a princess's life torn apart by her parents' divorce;  the royal bride who never was and her connection to the notorious Hungerford family; the female artist who acted as Henry VIII's spy; the King's niece who nearly lost her head for loving too unwisely; the damaged schemer and the Archbishop who both helped to bring down a queen; the lost daughter of Katharine Parr; and the macabre tale of Katharine's afterlife. 

I hope you enjoy them!


"These well-researched short stories by an acclaimed historian give the reader a real insight into the lives of the six Tudor queens who took their place on the throne beside King Henry VIII. The stories are told from the viewpoints of those who waited on them, loved them and ultimately betrayed them. Set in whispering courts and the most lavish of palaces, these 13 convincing stories bring each queen to life,recounted by those at the very heart of that world. Beautifully bound, this book would also makes a gorgeous gift!" (Candis)

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