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Alison Weir is the biggest-selling female historian (and the fifth best-selling historian) in the United Kingdom since records began in 1997. She has published twenty-three titles and sold more than 2.7 million books - over a million in the UK and more than 1.7 million in the USA.


Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen, the first novel in the Six Tudor Queens series, was published on 5th May 2016 in the UK (above centre), and on 31st May in the USA (centre left), Canada and Australia (right). The UK paperback will be out on 9th February 2017.

20th May: Katherine of Aragon is the Number 10 bestselling hardback novel this week.

Above left: This FREE ebook introduction to the Six Tudor Queens series ‘Six Tudor Queens: Writing a New Story’ was published in the UK on 10th March 2016, and contains a preview of KATHERINE OF ARAGON: THE TRUE QUEEN, which was published on 5th May.

The Lost Tudor Princess: A Life of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, was published in the U.K. (top of page, left) and Australia on 1st October 2015; it was out in Canada on 24th November, and was published in the U.S. (top of page, second from left) on 5th January 2016. The UK paperback edition was issued on 25th February, and the US paperback (above right) will be out on 10th January 2017. This book was's pick of the month for January 2016 in both History and Biographies and Memoirs.

Historical biography, especially of people who lived centuries ago, is more often than not the piecing together of fragments of information and trying to make sense of them. We cannot know our subjects as we know those of our own time: we can only infer so much about them from the sources of the period and memorials they left behind. My favourite novelist, Norah Lofts, could not have put it more succinctly when she wrote, in The Brittle Glass (1942): 'And so out of the bits and pieces I could gather, out of my own imaginings and speculations, I built up a picture and a story... After all, how much nearer, even with much documentary evidence, can we come to understanding any one of the myriad dead who have gone to their graves, carrying their real secrets, of motive and essence and personality, into the silence with them?"